"A Dirty Rat"

Film: Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922)

Alias: Nosferatu, The Bird of Death

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted Home/Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of a gaunt human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: When Count Dracula isn't anywhere for you to hire, just take his creepier and smellier substitute, Count Orlok! Oh, and don't underestimate him, because he happens to have dominance over one of the most disease-riddled mammals ever.

History: Whenever you speak Count Orlok's name in Eastern Europe, everyone shivers in fear. And considering who and what he really is, it's not hard to see why. For he is a Nosferatu, a blood-sucking pseudo-vampire that values rats rather than bats. Everyone thinks he's a werewolf, though, as he can turn into a hyena. Funny how that works. He's been looking forward to seeing the world, and decides to stowaway on a ship to get to the other side. Pretty soon, people are complaining about the spread of the Plague...

Notable Kills: Apparently, strangling someone with his shadow counts for something.

Final Fate: Orlok's reign of terror is brought down when he gets distracted by a beautiful woman's rich blood. The sun soon comes, and he fades out of existence.

Powers/Abilities: Orlok can shapeshift on a whim, control rats (and become a swarm of them, even), spread the plague, and manipulate others with his very shadow. Damn.

Weakness: The sun will kill him instantly, and he can be rather absent-minded at times when engrossed with blood. The power of love also irks him.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Orlok is the reason anyone would feel nothing but sleepless nights. His gangly appearance, terrifying shadow, and ridiculous set of powers make him quite easily the most frightening blood-sucker of them all.

Trivia: -The rat isn't actually the perpetrator of the plague, but the tropical fleas that infect them sure are. Perhaps Orlok actually controls them, but he's too embarrassed to admit it.

-Orlok was played by Max Schreck, who's own bizarre mannerisms and commitment to portraying weird characters made people wonder if he was a real vampire or not.

Image Gallery

The face that will haunt you forever.

The corpse grows restless...

The first one to get our attention, really.

"Crap! The sun burnt a hole in my side!"

It isn't just Renfield who's the voracious monster.

The worst stalker you could get...marginally.

Finally! Honest advertising!

Quite an effort to make him more rodent-life.


Even MORE rodent-like.

As designed by one who rid him of his physical menace.

Orlok, need I remind you that you cannot fly?

That blurb got a bit too honest, there.

A young Freddy Krueger looks at this and smiles.

The shadow of the plague looms.

Aw, please. Don't make him adorable.

Nice new attire, Orlok.

"Now, where do I START?"

I knew he was inhuman, but this is pushing it.

Why, is that hair I see on that octopus head?

"NOW do you believe I'm carrying the plague?"

His bloodlust can just not be quenched.

"Um, HELLO?! Killer vampire here!"

"I'm pretty sure I made a grand decis-"